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Business Model Scan

Understand where the most vulnerable spots of your business model are.

Where does your proposition make the most difference to the customer?

Get a free scan today!

Growth Strategy and Roadmap

Once we assess your current business model, build a strategy for sustainable growth.

Which customers to focus on? Which channels or partnerships will set you

steps ahead of your competition?

Team Coaching

A business is nothing without its talent. Startup, scaleup or big corporate - you want to get the best of your team's skills and personalities. 


Get them the support they need to reach their full potential. 


Sign up for a customized training or coaching today!

Lean Startup and Experimentation Training

Want to innovate and experiment fast as big digital companies do?

Which tests to prioritize? How to measure if they are successful?


I'll help you prioritize and keep your focus on the most impactful experiments.

Interested in working together or sharing experience?

Drop me a line below!

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