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Letting go when in charge

"The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go out the outcome." Phil Jackson, NBA coach

Here it goes - my first blog post starts with a sports quote. It couldn't go more cliché than that. Hopefully the women can relate to this one, too ;)

In the past 1 year of leading a team there have been so many big and small dilemmas buzzing through my head.

And somehow this quote made me think of the letting go aspect my new job.

HBR did a study where "the employees of connector managers are three times as likely as subordinates of the other types to be high performers." What connectors are great at is quality time coaching where an expert or connecting you with the right person.

So in a sense building up the foundation and letting go, trusting the process works very well.

Question is what conditions should be in place to be comfortable of letting go?

What is the role of trust, drive, aligned targets in making letting go work?



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